Caldwell County Welcomes First IMCA Veterans Fellow

LENOIR, NC (October 27, 2022) — Caldwell County recently welcomed its first International City/County Management Association Veterans Local Government Management Fellow.

The fellowship provides transitioning service members with management training and firsthand experience in the local government environment to prepare them for smooth transitions into local government careers.

“The IMCA Veterans Fellowship connects us with trained leaders who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are ready to use those skills as civilians working in local government,” said County Manager Donald Duncan.

Caldwell County native U.S. Air Force First Sergeant Michael Bowman is serving as an IMCA Veterans Fellow for Caldwell County. Bowman served 20 years with the Air Force, including 16 years as an avionics technician. During his military career, he completed four deployments, including Turkey and Afghanistan, and was based in in North Carolina, South Korea, England, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia.

While with Caldwell County, Bowman has spent time shadowing county department heads and developing leadership training for county employees. Upon completion of his three-month fellowship, Bowman will seek a leadership position in local government and plans to assist fellow vets as they transition back into civilian life.

Bowman and his wife, Casey, have three sons. They plan to live in Caldwell County.

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