Caldwell County Receives Funding to Expand Broadband 

LENOIR, NC (July 31, 2023) ⇒ Approximately 132 households and businesses in Caldwell County will have access to high-speed internet thanks to a $756,150 Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology (GREAT) grant.

The grant, awarded to Spectrum Southeast LLC, will bring broadband to households and businesses located along the U.S. 321 corridor in northern Caldwell County, as well as some locations in the Grandin area of the County.

The red dots indicate locations where broadband will be added in Caldwell County.

“Residents in rural Caldwell County need the same access to high-speed internet as those living in larger more metropolitan areas of our state. This grant helps us close the gap and allows our residents to take full advantage of digital opportunities for work, education, and healthcare,” said North Carolina Representative Destin Hall.

Caldwell County is one of 33 counties in North Carolina to receive funds from the most recent round of GREAT grants. This award is the third grant to improve broadband access that the county has received in three years.

“This grant not only brings broadband to northern Caldwell County it also provides a way for eligible low-income households to receive a discount on their internet services,” said Caldwell County Board of Commissioners Chairman Randy Church.

As part of the federally funded GREAT grant eligibility requirements, all internet service provider applicants must participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program to offer eligible low-income households a $30 per month discount on high-speed internet service or provide access to a comparable low-cost program.

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