Caldwell County EMS Captain Deployed Down East

LENOIR, NC (September 15, 2018) — Captain Josh Potter of Caldwell County EMS has been deployed to Kinston, North Carolina this morning with no definite answer of when he will return.

Potters wife Audrey told us, “I’m so proud of him for always answering the call of duty.”  She said he actually loves it!

This is his 2nd deployment to the coast to help with hurricane aftermath.  He also helped with Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

“Watching him gather up his chainsaw, emergency supplies, and a few clothes, I could see how excited he was to be a part of this Ambulance Strike Team” stated Audrey Potter.  She went on to say, “He is a great role model for our son, Jake.  Praying for a safe trip!”

It really is a special thing to see a person sacrifice time with his family and enter into a dangerous environment to go serve people in need.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Josh and his family…Stay Safe!!!