Board of Elections combines some polling places

LENOIR, NC (September 27, 2021) — The Caldwell County Board of Elections recently passed a resolution combining the two Gamewell polling places into a single precinct as well as the two Sawmills polling places into one.

The change closes the Gamewell Middle precinct, making way for the 4,867 registered Gamewell voters to cast their ballots at Gamewell Elementary School. The resolution also shuts down the Sawmills Town Hall and Sawmills Elementary Schools precincts, allowing the 3,590 Sawmills registered voters to vote at Sawmills Fire Department.

“We believe the change in Gamewell will minimize confusion among voters with two locations so close together,” explained Caldwell County Board of Elections Director Chad Barnes. “In Sawmills, the fire department will provide a central location that will not interfere with school or other government activities.”

Both of the Gamewell polling places, as well as both of the Sawmills precincts, are in the same Congressional, North Carolina Senate, and North Carolina House districts.

The new combined polling places will be used during the upcoming Municipal Elections.

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