Blue Ridge Parkway Anticipates Impacts from Hurricane Florence

NC/VA (September 13, 2018) — Blue Ridge Parkway officials are closely monitoring the projected path of Hurricane Florence and preparing for a range of potential impacts across the 469-mile parkway.

“The National Park Service has extensive experience preparing for and recovering from severe weather,” said J.D. Lee, Parkway Superintendent. “Just like we all take the necessary steps to prepare our home and family for this kind of storm, Parkway staff are making sure we’re ready with the necessary tools, supplies and manpower to respond and recover from whatever this storm may bring.”

National Weather Service information related to Hurricane Florence suggests preparedness for high volumes of rain, strong winds at higher elevations, and potential landslides across the foothills and mountains of the Southern Blue Ridge. Based on the course of the storm through the weekend and early next week, wide spread Parkway closures may occur.

Where conditions permit, and the road remains open, park visitors are reminded to use extreme caution and be aware of the potential for falling rocks and downed trees. As always, the Parkway requires driving with extra care due to its narrow road shoulders, steep grades, and numerous curves. Park visitors must use caution, adhere to posted speed limits and be prepared to stop or turn around at closed gates or road debris during this storm event.

Updates and information regarding the status of park facilities, including the road itself, will be available on multiple platforms, including the Parkway’s Real Time Road Map, the Parkway’s website, and its Twitter and Facebook pages. Park visitors and neighbors are encouraged to check these sites regularly for information and before heading out to the Parkway.