Blue Ridge Energy Continues on High Alert

LENOIR, NC (January 16, 7:45 am 2022) — Blue Ridge Energy remains on high alert as the effects of winter storm Izzy moves into our service area of Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany and Caldwell counties as well as parts of Avery, Wilkes and Alexander counties.

Snow began falling in our service area at 2:30 am and will likely continue with up to a foot or more accumulation. No outages have occurred as of 7:45 am. However, weather conditions and their affect on trees, limbs and power lines can change rapidly should the possibility of ice, sleet and freezing rain be significant, or should the snow become wet and heavy.

Blue Ridge Energy line technicians and all staff are on high alert and prepared to respond quickly should outages occur.

The following are helpful safety and preparedness tips for members:

Ways to report an outage:

For outage status at any time:

If your heat goes off:

  • Close off unneeded rooms to avoid wasting heat
  • Stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors
  • Close blinds or curtains to retain some heat
  • Eat and drink. Food provides energy for the body to produce its own heat. Drink water and non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic drinks to prevent dehydration.
  • Wear layers of light, loose fitting, warm clothing to retain heat.

 Additional safety tips:

  • Help prevent your pipes from freezing by turning your faucets on just enough so they can drip, especially if temperatures approach 20 degrees F.
  • If using a space heater or heat lamp, be sure to place it on a solid surface at least three feet away from anything combustible. Always turn off space heaters before leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Never leave a fireplace unless its embers are completely extinguished. Also consider using a glass or metal fire screen to catch sparks and rolling logs, and never store flammable liquids near sources of heat.
  • Know how to use your generator. Generators should be placed in an open and ventilated area. They should never be operated inside a home—including spaces like the basement and garage—due to the danger of inhaling carbon monoxide fumes.
  • Never touch a downed power line. Warn others to stay away and call Blue Ridge Energy or 911.

Blue Ridge Energy posts information during major outages on its social media channels:

However, outage reporting is only available using one of the three options above (phone, mobile app or text) to ensure outages are immediately and accurately logged into the cooperative’s outage reporting and management system.

Blue Ridge Electric serves some 78,000 members in Caldwell, Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany, and parts of Wilkes, Avery and Alexander counties. Its propane and fuels subsidiary serves customers in the cooperative’s service area as well as Burke, Catawba, and Grayson County, Va. Learn more at

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