Bill Hamilton honored at special dedication ceremony

GRANITE FALLS, NC (Jun 19, 2017)…In a special dedication ceremony hosted by the Granite Falls Recreation Department, the late Bill Hamilton was honored by the town and the Hamilton family. The Hamilton family donated a binocular viewer that was installed on a viewing deck at Lakeside Park (better known as the “Tater Hole”).

Louise Hamilton said that she and Bill would visit the “Tater hole” almost daily. Louise said that Lakeside Park was a place where he could go to when he was having a bad day to lift his spirits.

Bill Hamilton worked for the Town of Granite Falls as the Public Works Director for over 30 years. Bill retired in December of 2015 and passed away on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

“Every time I ran into Bill, he said “no comment.” I loved his sense of humor and miss it greatly”…Mark Jackson (Caldwell Journal)

Many people shared their fond memories of Bill through laughter and tears with all in attendance.

There were many orange and yellow shirts at the ceremony representing the Granite Falls Public Works Department. Many from the Granite Falls Fire Department and Granite Falls Police Department were in attendance as well.

The Granite Falls Garden Club was also present offering light refreshments and supporting Bill’s wife Louise. Granite Falls Garden Club President Barbara Ross said that Bill was always there to assist them with whatever they needed.

Louise Hamilton thanked everyone for attending and especially thanked Granite Falls Recreation Department Director Chad Raby for his help with coordinating the ceremony.

Bill Hamilton loved Granite Falls and Granite Falls loved him…

The Hamilton Family unveiling the Binocular Viewer.


Louise Hamilton speaking


Chad Raby speaking


Merlyn Hamilton speaking (Bill’s brother)


Linda Story speaking


Granite Falls Garden Club



The “Tater Hole”