BBB Warning: Consumers say telehealth company is not providing service

MATTHEWS, NC (January 17, 2023) — Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a Denton, TX-based telehealth provider, Doctor Alexa.

BBB has recently received an influx of consumer complaints alleging they were seen for a virtual medical appointment and paid a fee for services, but the prescriptions from the doctor were never sent to the pharmacy. Consumers allege they are unable to speak with anyone upon contacting the business for a status update and/or refund. Other complaints allege the company takes payment and detailed information, and the consumer is charged for a service that is never provided. Complaints received by BBB remain steady in December as cold and flu season is in full force. In some cases, the company responds with a refund, but the majority are unanswered.

Victims complaining to BBB are located in 19 different states across the US. One Brevard, NC consumer stated, “I filled out an extensive order online explaining my symptoms and requesting an antibiotic. I filled out pharmacy information to where I’d like it to be sent. The medication was never sent, there was no follow up email confirmation or phone call, yet money was still taken out of my account. I now have no reference of the order, yet they have my money.”

“We would like for consumers to start their search on for trusted businesses in any industry, including telehealth. Our information is free, and only takes a few minutes to see what we have to say about a particular company. If you place BBB in front of your search term, it will efficiently produce BBB information”, said Tom Bartholomy, BBB President.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), despite its growth in popularity in recent years, telehealth faces a number of barriers hindering more widespread adoption. Information security, patient privacy, licensing, insurance reimbursement, and liability concerns are all areas where gaps exist in state statutes and regulations.

BBB suggests starting with your primary care physician or your health insurance provider for recommended telehealth options. And if you are a victim of any online purchase for goods or services you can dispute the charges with your credit card company.

A Better Business Bureau of Southern Piedmont
and Western North Carolina Press Release | Start With Trust

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