Annual Enrollment is over! So now what?

LENOIR, NC (January 24, 2022) — You may or may not be aware that Annual Enrollment just ended for ACA Individual Health. It ended on January 15th after an extension from the normal deadline of December 15th. So what does this mean if you didn’t buy or renew your health insurance plan?

We are now in what’s called Special Enrollment. Special enrollment circumstances can include moving, loss of Employer coverage, marriage, divorce, having or adopting a child, etc. Usually, you can use this to enroll and/or make a change in a health insurance plan. This is also a good time to make necessary updates to your account such as a change in income, or adding in new phone number or mailing address and so on.

Of course if you’re on Medicare A&B or even new to Medicare A&B, there are other insurance choices for you. Products such as Medicare Supplements can fill in the gaps!

It’s also important to think about additional coverages you can add on. These coverages include Dental, Vision, Disability and Life insurance.

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