Accident in Sawmills on Monday, September 26, 2016

SAWMILLS, NC (September 26, 2016)…An accident occurred at 7:32am on Monday, September 26, 2016 in Sawmills, NC at Mission Road (SR1108) and Spartan Drive (SR1284) where a vehicle ran into the back of a vehicle at an estimated speed of impact of 45mph. This accident on Spartan Drive caused a chain reaction resulting in three vehicles being hit from behind causing an estimated total of $22,000 of damage to the four vehicles involved. The driver that caused the accident was charged with “failure to reduce speed.” There was no mention of any injuries.

2015 North Carolina Traffic Crash Facts

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety – North Carolina

We intentionally choose to omit the names of the drivers for their privacy.  Our intention is to bring awareness to what causes accidents and to hopefully prevent future accidents by getting people to think about their driving habits and making safe choices on the road. – Caldwell Journal

Accident diagram courtesy of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety