A special letter from Santa…

Often, I have been asked if I believe in God.  I have also read many letters from children asking why there is a Santa Claus when Christmas is supposed to be the anniversary or the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ.  In today’s world, many people forget the truth about Christmas or have never really understood it.  We all know it’s a time to get presents and have a feast, normally a turkey dinner with all our family and friends.  There are also many people that do not celebrate Christmas for one belief or another.  In spite of all the questions we have, the origin of Santa or what we may believe in, we know that Christmas time is a happy time and just about everyone wishes for “peace on earth.”

I remember when I was small and asked my mom and dad who is Santa Claus.  I was brought up being taught that Christmas was the birthday of Jesus.  I think most of us know that December 25th, some 2000 years ago was not actually the date Jesus was born but is a day many choose to commemorate Jesus’ birth.  Many religions have different dates for this celebration.  Because my family is Dutch, our celebrations were on December 5th and our Santa was called Sinterklaas or St. Nick for short.  When I asked that all important question… “Is Santa real?” this is what my parents said to me.

“There was a Christian named St. Nicholas, that is where the Saint part comes from” they added, “and he was so happy because God gave to him a gift, Jesus, who died for our us so we could have eternal life with God.”  “St. Nicholas became so happy with God’s love it became a mission for him to tell everyone he could.”  My parents added, “St. Nicholas was a very rich person but saw that his happiness was not in money and riches but in God’s love.”  “St. Nicholas shared his wealth by bringing food and toys to children that were poor.”  So, I thought this was really good because there is a Santa and he brought good things to people like presents and food.

Then there was the sad part about this story my parents added: “In the times of St. Nicholas, there were many people that hated Jesus or God and made a point of it by arresting these Christian people and put them in jail.”  “Eventually St. Nicholas was arrested and was put in jail to stop him from talking about Jesus.”  “This did not stop St. Nicholas and he continued to talk about Jesus even in jail.”  “Eventually these men that jailed St. Nicholas had him killed.”   Now my heart was broken!  “Oh my” I said, “that is terrible that St. Nick is dead!”  My parents reassured me that because Jesus loves us so much that he died on the cross for all people’s sins so we may have eternal life with God.”  My parents continued to say, “because of God’s love, we never really die and neither did St. Nick.”

This was wonderful news to me that we would never die, and that St. Nick was still around.  Maybe not as he was but more less in a meaning and a way of celebrating Christmas.  The story of St. Nick still lives within us today in as a reminder of what Christmas really means.  Because of how much St. Nicholas loved Jesus, and because of the many gifts he gave the poor children of his town, we still remember St. Nicholas at Christmas time.  All of the gifts he gave, and all of the Christmas presents we give, are to remind us of the very best gift anyone ever gave when God gave His only Son, Jesus Christ.

My parents told me that Santa (St. Nick) is very real.  He lives in our hearts today.  We know this to be true us as we see the happy and gleaming faces on Christmas day when we give gifts to each other.

Christmas is not a day of celebrating one’s beliefs for me but rather a day to commemorate the ultimate gift from God.  It doesn’t matter to me what you believe in as far as a particular Santa Claus, but I encourage everyone to celebrate Christmas by giving a gift to someone and allow that to remind yourself of the gift we all have received from God.

I find this meaning of Christmas to give me the purpose of being Santa Claus here.   Santa is very real to me, and I believe that no matter where he is in our lives, at the North Pole or right in front of our mirror, Santa’s work of giving gifts to you to help remind you of the best gift of all, Jesus, is why Santa Claus is real.

I know that God is crazy about us and his love spans all of our lives from the North Pole right to your heart at home.  God loves everyone regardless of your beliefs or non-beliefs.  I have enjoyed every Christmas and now as Santa at The-North-Pole.com, it brings me much happiness that I can continue sharing the gift of God like St. Nicholas did over 1700 years ago. 

Here is a photo of Santa kneeling at the manger praying to Jesus.  This photo helps me to be Santa for all the people that visit here.  I do pray to Jesus and thank Him for dying on the cross for my sins so I will never have to pay for my sins in death.  This is why this Santa Claus will also never die.  I also pray to God for all my visitors that come here find their peace on earth and receive the most precious gift of all, our Lord and Savior. 

Thank you for reading my story and God bless all of you.

Love, Santa Claus of The-North-Pole.com

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