2021-2022 Excellence in Education Awards

LENOIR, NC (May 6, 2021) — The Excellence in Education ceremony held on Wednesday filled the JE Broyhill Civic Center with educators and staff who were selected by their peers as nominees for the 2021-2022 “of the year” awards sponsored by the Education Foundation Inc. of Caldwell County and Blue Ridge Energy.

In Photo: from left – Chris Greene, Principal, Sherrill Carson, Volunteer of the Year, Chad Coffey, Lead Secretary, and Chrissy Prestwood, Volunteer of the Year of Granite Falls Elementary.

During a festive atmosphere filled with 80’s themed music and decorations, schools cheered on and celebrated their volunteers, bus drivers, associates, instructional assistants, support staff, administrators and teachers.

The following took center stage as their winning name was announced:
Volunteer of the Year – Individual Category: Sherrill Carson and Chrissy Prestwood, Granite Falls Elementary and Community/Business Category: Kings Creek Baptist Church, Kings Creek School
Bus Driver of the Year – Bobby Bolick, South Caldwell High School
Associate of the Year – Mark Wheeler, Maintenance Department
Instructional Assistant of the Year – Kelly Helton, Gamewell Middle School
Instructional Support Employee of the Year – Donna Nichols, Granite Falls Middle
Assistant Principal of the Year – Julie Hall, South Caldwell High School
Principal of the Year – Monica Martin, Gamewell Middle School
Rookie Teacher of the Year – Lauren Vines, Kings Creek School
Teacher of the Year – Michelle Curry, Whitnel Elementary School

In closing remarks, School Board Chairman Darrell Pennell said, “We know that this has been a very challenging year and from the Board of Education, we thank each and every one of you and your commitment on a daily basis. You have done an incredible job this school year.”