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Yokefellow Food Pantry Potential Impact from Federal Shutdown

LENOIR, NC (February 1, 2019) — Yokefellow has been waiting to hear official indicators of the potential impact of the Federal shutdown on our Food Pantry.  As you may be aware, February food benefits were issued early to recipients on January 20th.  Of those early benefits, we have been notified that 61% of those February benefits have already been spent by those households.  These were NOT additional benefits, but instead were meant to last through February.

Depending on when during the month a household typically receives their food benefits, some families will not receive another allotment of food benefits until late March, creating a large gap for food.  And we still do not have assurances what the impact of the shutdown will have on March benefits. 

Because of this food benefit GAP, Yokefellow anticipates an increase in the need for food assistance through our pantry.  We will be serving additional numbers during February and maybe even through March. 

PLEASE consider making a food contribution to Yokefellow a PRIORITY during this time!  If you need an updated list of staples, please call Yokefellow at 754-8088.

Press Release courtesy of Sharon V. Harmon