Yokefellow Distributes Rent/Mortgage and Water Utility Assistance

LENOIR, NC (March 19, 2021) — Caldwell County Yokefellow in partnership with the City of Lenoir has been successfully distributing Water Utility funds and Rent/Mortgage funds as part of the CARES act Covid19 funds.

Yokefellow and the City of Lenoir entered their agreement in August, 2020 and Yokefellow began accepting, screening and paying for City limits residents Water utility bills that were behind due to COVID impact circumstances in that household.   Thus far, Yokefellow has disbursed $24,952.81 for water bills to 101 City households, providing crisis relief for 428 months of water to 259 individuals.

In October, Yokefellow and the City completed their agreement and Yokefellow began accepting, screening and paying past due Rent and Mortgage obligations that also were a result of COVID19.  Since October Yokefellow has disbursed $73,815.90 in rent and mortgage payments for 64 households, providing 190 months of continued shelter to 171 local family members.  Funds for rent and mortgage assistance are still being made available.

“this has been a successful partnership.  Between the City of Lenoir receiving these funds, then having the confidence in the emergency assistance processes already in place at Yokefellow to make these much needed funds available to Lenoir residents during the pandemic”  commented Sharon Harmon, Yokefellow Executive Director.  “We encourage City limits residents who still may struggle to reach out to Yokefellow to see if there crisis is eligible for CARES funding assistance.  For those who do not meet the qualifications, Yokefellow of course will begin that application in the usual emergency assistance qualification procedures.”

This has been difficult year in our community, and the City of Lenoir and Yokefellow have provided much needed relief to almost 200 households.