What You Need to Know About Turning 65 and Medigap Plans by Laura Sedlacek

LENOIR, NC (June 10, 2019) — Here is another very helpful article about healthcare.

What Are My Options if I’m Turning 65 But I’m Already on Medicare A&B?

Usually someone is turning 65 when they go on Medicare A and B for the first time.  But sometimes, if someone has become disabled and has been on Social Security Disability for 2 years, they may then be put on Medicare A and B when they are under 65 after that 2-year period is met.  There are limited options for a Medigap type coverage plan when one is under 65, but there are some products available.  Turning 65, however, opens up some more Medigap type choices.

When you are on Medicare A and B, but under 65, did you know that turning 65 is another open enrollment or qualifying event type situation for you? 

Yes, it is.  You can, in most cases, continue your under 65 Medigap coverage with your current carrier, but sometimes it is in your best interest to switch to a different plan option and/or insurance carrier as well.  Switching doesn’t involve underwriting because for a Medigap plan turning 65 still means Open Enrollment and no health questions.  For other types of Medicare plans, there may be a health question to answer.  It can save you a lot of money to explore your choices when under 65 and getting ready to turn 65 if you are already on Medicare A and B.

Confusing?  It can be.  So, seek out a Medigap specialist to provide you with more information and your choices for when you turn 65.

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