Update on threats made Via Snap Chat directed toward Schools in Caldwell County

LENOIR, NC (February 17, 2020) — On February 17, 2019, the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office received a report of multiple threats of violence from a student at Hudson Middle School. The student stated that the threats were directed at students and faculty of the school from an unknown user on Snap Chat.  Once the report was received Members of the Hudson Police Department and the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office worked together with the Caldwell County School System to ensure the safety of the students at Hudson Middle School as well as other schools within Caldwell County.

Investigators made an emergency request for user information related to the account the threats were made through.  The records revealed that the posts were uploaded to Snap Chat from Cypress, Texas a Suburb of Houston Texas.  Investigators in Caldwell County made a request for assistance through the ICAC Network (Internet Crimes Against Children Network) and Members of the ICAC Network responded to the address provided by Snap Chat.  The uploader of the comments was identified and also admitted to making the post to member’s law enforcement.  The uploader of the comments was identified as a 16-year-old male and his parents are cooperating with the investigation.  Investigators are currently working with the Local District Attorney’s Office and Authorities in Texas to establish criminal charges related to this case.  Investigators have found no connection the uploader has to anyone in Caldwell County.  The ICAC Network is a cooperative group of Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement officials and is designed to combat crimes directed towards children.

The threats that were received via Snap Chat have been deemed as non-credible and there is no imminent threat to any School within Caldwell County.  There may still be an increased Law Enforcement presence at selected schools in Caldwell County in the coming days.