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U. S. Forest Service asks people to stay clear of the White Creek Fire in Linville Gorge

NEBO, NC (March 19, 2017)…We need your help to spread the word so people will stay out of the area closed due to the White Creek Fire in Linville Gorge.

Even if you don’t see flames, burning may have affected the root systems of trees which could fall without warning. Fire can also loosen large rocks and boulders causing them to fall or roll across the landscape suddenly. Don’t put yourself at risk by entering the closed area.

If that’s not reason enough, we need you to stay out of the closed area because firefighters are engaged in suppression activities and your intrusion into the area could cause a delay in tactics. Please heed the closures and let firefighters focus on their work.

Public entry is prohibited within the area closure in effect for all U.S. Forest Service lands east of State Road 1238 (Old NC 105 / Kistler Memorial Highway), south of Conley Cove Trail (Tr #229), south of Table Rock Picnic Area, west of Back Irish Creek Forest Service Road #118 (Blue Gravel Road) and Roses Creek Forest Service Road #99, north of Highway 126.

In addition, the following trails are closed: Shortoff Trail (Tr #235), Rock Jock Trail (Tr #247), Pinch-In Trail (Tr #228), Linville Gorge Trail (Tr #231) south of Conley Cove Trail (Tr #229), Mountains to Sea Trail (Tr #440) from State Road 1238 at Pinnacles to the Table Rock Picnic Area, and any social trails existing within the closure area.

Thank you for your cooperation!