Tears for Byzantium

Tears for Byzantium
By Daniel B. Rundquist

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ISBN: 978-0-9862967-8-9

151 pages, 8.5 x 11 PDF format

All net proceeds will be donated to the
Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 6 Hudson, NC.

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Tears for Byzantium book overview

Have you ever wondered how America got to $21 trillion in debt? Why America is still waging the same war after 16 years? Why nothing seems to change in Washington while Americans are being bled dry of their money generation after generation? What can We The People do about it? All of these answers and more are discovered in my first installment of a new 3 book series. In Tears for Byzantium I address these matters and the gloves come off! Most of the things happening in America have happened before throughout history.

The terrorist attacks on 9/11 had changed us all. The American government had failed to protect us in both in 1941 and now again in 2001. The nation is today trillions in debt. How could this happen? How did we get to this point? How is it possible that in the wealthiest nation on earth we have to take out a 30 year mortgage to afford a house but in Saudi Arabia they have vending machines that sell solid gold bars?

What I discovered was that the answers were much larger than my questions. I continued to dig, taking plenty of notes which became patterns and those patterns made connections. Soon, I was looking at a massive web of politics, public policy, ancient history, economics, and American history all connected to each other in some way.

This book, Tears for Byzantium is a result of several years of research and discovery, and it is ultimately a story of patterns. We never seem to learn from history. We never seem to learn from our mistakes, and we many of them to deal with today, not the least of which is teaching a flawed ideology of a promised Utopia that can never be.

All of the things that make America great—the independent spirit; freedom and liberty to think, express, and act; the promise of the potential for prosperity—have all been delivered to American citizens by our Founders and Framers, and then secured by American soldiers, sailors, and airmen. But America has now in many ways become like old Byzantium and ultimately, many of the same things that caused their empire to collapse in 1453 are the exact same things causing America’s problems today.

In just eight short chapters, this book not only illustrates what is wrong with America and how it got that way, but I also make suggestions for how we might begin to fix it. This study also revealed that America has never treated its veterans properly. I am directing 100% of proceeds for this e-book title to benefit the Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 6, Hudson, NC.

PDF file, 151 pages 8.5 x 11 format, Includes endnotes and bibliography. Cover, Rundquist family photo, back cover, photography by Cheryl Travis.

–Dan Rundquist

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