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Strong Finish Propels Red Tornadoes by Dan O’Neal

SAWMILLS, NC (October 25, 2019) —  Here are the numbers from the line of scrimmage in the game between rivals South Caldwell and Hickory…total yards rushing- South 316, Hickory 222; total passing yards- South 87 (yes the flick to Isaiah Kirby from Austin Raynor after catching a pass at the end of the game is considered a pass), Hickory 81; First Downs (here we go) South 18 Hickory, a whompin stompin 7. Even superstar Cody Young, while not running for over 400 like he did last year, managed to produce a modest 156 yards on this night.

Quite honestly, in calculating the statistics from this contest, Hickory winning 40-30, these greater numbers from scrimmage would likely favor the squad who gained the greater amount, more total yards, more first downs. With these in mind, the Spartans coming up short again made no sense. Was there something amiss in the figuring process?

Hence, there was the going deeper beyond the scoreboard and into the scoring summary. In counting the number of drives with these teams, these were the results- South Caldwell- nine drives, four scores; Hickory- eight drives, six scores. Duh, there it was. While Young’s rushing totals were less this time around, he managed to cross the goal line three times along with X’zayvion Huitt throwing two touchdown passes and ran for another. Though the Spartans moved the football quite well, they came up short on five drives whereas the Red Tornadoes were more able to finish. As we all know too well, what is seen on the scoreboard when the clock strikes all zeros in the fourth period. Hickory also cashed in on a turnover and solid kick return yardage.

For the Spartans, Avery Raynor led the way with 134 yards rushing with three scores and was seven of nine passing with 82 yards. Isaiah Kirby ran for 90 yards and made four receptions. Austin Raynor also had a six from eight yards out and three catches for forty-four yards. And Tristan Adkins had a solid evening with sixty-nine yards on seven carries.

South travels this Friday evening to the Springs Road area to face conference opponent St. Stephens, who presently are 4-5 overall and 1-3 in conference play. In order to qualify for the state playoffs, the Indians need to prevail over the Spartans and the Red Tornadoes in their season finale. South, on the other hand, will certainly be playing hard to achieve a first-round playoff game at home as they have already wrapped up their spot for the Class 4A second season. Game time, unless something unusual happens, is at 7:30pm.


A moving tribute to Landon Campbell, a South Caldwell High School student who passed away earlier this year. To Devin his brother and all the family, ongoing prayers in Jesus name.

Outstanding blues performance (and the blue wardrobe as well) by the South Caldwell Spartan Regiment at the half.

Catch Matt Ingram on the next episode of Dancing with the Stars. At least that is what we read on the press box table.

CNN is pleased to report that Mac Shell is their new Conservative Field Correspondent. Got to love the irony coming from the hallowed halls of South Caldwell High School.