Over 400 arrested on 636 charges in statewide Ale Operation

STATEWIDE, NC (September 2, 2019) — Last week, ALE special agents arrested 444 people for alcohol, drug, firearm, and gambling charges during a state-wide crackdown in partnership with local agencies. Each of the eight districts targeted violence and illegal activity at ABC-licensed locations.

“ALE’s primary mission is to proactively reduce crime around establishments where alcohol is sold,” said Bryan House, acting Head of North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement. “By partnering with our local sheriffs and police chiefs, we’re able to maximize our efforts, connect with our communities and make these locations safer for our citizens.”

Across the state, special agents executed four search warrants and seized five firearms, more than 50 fake IDs and various types of controlled substances. Of the 636 charges, 24 were felony charges, 350 were alcoholic beverage-related charges and 93 were drug-related charges.

In Charlotte, special agents recovered a stolen vehicle and assisted Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department with an investigation after four people were shot, one was killed, at a house party. In Cumberland County, two previously unidentified robbery suspects were identified and charged after a special agent stopped them leaving a convenience store. The two suspects were driving the vehicle used in the crimes and one suspect, a convicted felon, was in possession of a firearm.

ALE special agents will submit violation reports to the ABC commission for criminal and regulatory violations at 16 ABC-permitted businesses. The violations could result in fines, suspensions, or revocation of ABC permits.

About ALE:

ALE’s 109 specially trained agents have the authority to arrest and take investigatory action for any criminal offense. Their primary responsibility is the enforcement of Alcoholic Beverage Control laws and state lottery laws.