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November Gardening Tips from the Caldwell County Cooperative Extension

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (November 6, 2017)…Here are the November Gardening Tips from the Caldwell County Cooperative Extension.

Plants in Flower

• Witch Hazel

Plants with Colorful Berries

• American Beautyberry, burford Holly, Chinese Holly, Foster Holly, Nellie R. Stevens Holly, Nandina, Pyracantha, Washington Hawthorn, and Dogwood


• Use wood ashes around the vegetable garden, bulb beds, and around non-acid loving plants (like azaleas, gardenias, and blueberries) if soil pH is below 6.0.


• Trees and shrubs can be transplanted in the autumn.

• Plant one year old asparagus crowns in the vegetable garden this month. Jersey varieties such as Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, and Jersey Gem are recommended for our area.

• Finish planting spring-flowering bulbs.


• Time to trim existing asparagus foliage. Cut to the ground after the foliage is killed by frost.

• Cut back and clean up frost-killed perennials.

• When cutting holiday greenery, use sharp pruners to make cuts above a bud or side branch.


• None

Lawn Care

• Mow your cool season or tall fescue lawn as needed.

• Keep tree leaves from collecting on your lawn.


• Water your cuttings in the coldframe as needed.

• You may want to try your hand at air layering on some of your house plants like dieffenbachia or dumb cane.

Specific Chores

• Reminder- November is the last month for free soil testing through NCDA! Don’t forget to pick up your soil test kits at the NC Cooperative Extension- Caldwell County Center (120 Hospital Ave NE, Suite 1, Lenoir, NC 28645) this month.

• Check with the local Extension office for the recommended fruit varieties for the area.

• Order fruit trees and grape vines this month for a February or March delivery and planting.

• Remember to water your evergreen trees and shrubs thoroughly before winter sets in, particularly if weather conditions have been dry.

• Look to see if screens or windbreaks are needed around your home.

• Continue filling the compost bin with the fallen leaves.

• Look for yuletide plants as gifts. Remember, some plants like poinsettias should be placed in the sunniest room in the house.

• Consider giving your family gardener a holiday gift to use in the garden.