New Plymouth Press, LLC announces release of new book title by local author

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (November 10, 2017)…New Plymouth Press, LLC is proud to announce today that a new book will be released to the public on December 1, 2017. The author, Dan Rundquist has completed work on his nonfiction title, Tears For Byzantium; The Entropic Course of American Exceptionalism. The work seeks to address the question of what exactly is the proper size, role, and scope of American government in a post-9/11 world through the prism of world history.

“I have wept for my nation until I am out of tears. Not from a personal depression, but with the deepest grief and sorrow as one might have for a dying loved one. The patient in this case is our nation, America, but she is not so much ill as she is being euthanized. I weep for her because I love my nation, and she is nearly lost to us. I have always loved my country, and I am not alone.”  Dan Rundquist

The Caldwell Journal has been awarded exclusive distribution of the e-book format…

This special edition of the book will be made available exclusively by a distribution agreement with the Caldwell Journal:

– The publisher has set the title price at $4.99 and the author is donating ALL net proceeds for this edition to Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 6 Hudson, NC.

– ISBN: 978-0-9862967-8-9

– 151 pages, 8.5 x 11 PDF format

– Link to the Caldwell Journal:

– Media inquiries and requests about the book can be made directly to the author at