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New Crossing Procedure for Bus Drivers and Students (educational videos included)

School Buses 01Caldwell County Bus Drivers met on the morning Thursday, August 20 at Hibriten High School for their annual meeting before hitting the road Monday morning to pick up students for the first day of school. The focus was on a new procedure mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Law. The purpose of this procedure is for bus drivers to use hand signals when loading and unloading students helping to protect children from people that do not follow bus signals. Also, the bus driver must use the parking brake during a passenger stop to keep the bus from “rolling” or moving while loading or unloading students.

During a passenger stop, the bus driver will hold a palm up to students alerting them to wait before they cross the road to board the bus. When it’s safe, the bus driver will give a “thumbs up” and point in the direction the students should cross the street. When unloading, the students must wait until the bus driver indicates it’s safe to leave the bus and when to cross the street.

Along with training bus drivers received from the county, students must also be trained to watch the bus driver and the hand signals at their respective stops. Students will be trained within the first 5 days of returning to school.

The policy change goes into effect January 1, 2016, but some school districts, like Caldwell County are implementing the procedures sooner.

Please drive with caution as buses begin traveling the streets on Monday, August 24. You may even want to allow extra time in your morning and afternoon commutes as bus drivers and students adjust to this new bus safety procedure.

We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself and your children with the new bus safety procedure by viewing the educational videos below.

By Merri Lee Jackson {Caldwell Journal}  Merri Lee Jackson is a bus driver for Granite Falls Elementary School.

New Crossing Procedure


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