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NCDOT preparing for Hurricane Irma

RALEIGH, NC (September 7, 2017)…The N.C. Department of Transportation is preparing for a significant weather event as a direct result of hurricane Irma.

Throughout the week, teams in each division and crews in each county have been performing their duties while also preparing for significant amounts of rain and other hazards the weather may bring to the mountains next week.

A few checklist items for this week include the following:

—    Confirming fuel storage

—    Equipment inventory — big and small tools

—    Reviewing emergency response procedures

—    Conducting safety meetings

—    Reviewing detour plans and routes

—    Securing equipment materials and facilities

—    Checking inventory of materials

—    Clearing traditional trouble spots

—    Updating roster for mobilization

NCDOT officials will be closely monitoring the storm over the weekend and coordinating with Gov. Cooper and all other state agencies.

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