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More than 700 fire and rescue stations in the southeast have received pet oxygen masks, including Caldwell County Emergency Services

LENOIR, NC (July 25, 2019) — Caldwell County area first responders will be equipped to save a pet’s life in the event of smoke inhalation during a house fire. That’s because Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment is donating pet oxygen masks to Caldwell County Emergency Services’ EMS Division.

This donation is a part of Invisible Fence® Brand’s Project Breathe, which was established with the goal of equipping every fire station in America and Canada with pet oxygen masks. These masks allow emergency responders to give oxygen to pets who are suffering from smoke inhalation when they are rescued from fires. The masks often save pets’ lives.

Although not an official U.S. Fire Administration statistic, it is estimated that 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year in fires; most succumbing to smoke inhalation and over 500,000 pets are affected by home fires each year. In most states, emergency responders are not equipped to deal with the crisis. The donation of these specially designed and potentially lifesaving pet oxygen masks will enable first responders to efficiently administer oxygen to a stricken animal.

Invisible Fence® Brand has donated more than 2,100 masks to more than 700 fire and rescue stations in the southeast.  They started donating pet oxygen masks in 2008.  Nationally, Invisible Fence® Brand has donated more than 20,000 pet oxygen masks to fire and rescue stations all over the U.S. and Canada throughout the life of the program. A reported 90+ pets have been saved by the donated masks so far.

“Our commitment to pets and their families extends well beyond what we do every day, partnering with families to help them live better lives with their pets.  By donating these pet oxygen masks, we hope to save lives and prevent pet parents from the heartache of losing a beloved four-legged family member while dealing with the devastation from a fire,” said Jim White, spokesperson for Invisible Fence® Brand in the Caldwell County area.    

For more information about the pet oxygen mask donation program, visit or contact Phillip Howard, Donation Coordinator, at 704-409-3973 or

Release furnished to us by:
Anna Martin, MPH
Caldwell County Public Health Director

Press Release courtesy of Phillip Howard, Invisible Fence® Brand