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Midsummer Mundane Musings by Dan O’Neal

GRANITE FALLS, NC (August 6, 2019) — Writers bloc has officially concluded. With that, while it has been two months since the South Caldwell Softball fortress won their first ever state championship, one has to believe these young ladies are still riding that triumphal wave. With any title achievement, they very well should enjoy the ride. The memories of their road to Raleigh will fondly linger for many more days, and years to come.

To the rest of Spartan Nation, especially student athletes in other varsity sports, certainly you celebrate the grand accomplishments of these young ladies. This was evidenced many of you who traveled to Mooresville (so hope they get that makeshift fence reconciled) and Raleigh. You hooped and hollered and jumped up and down with the softball team after the skinny lady sang. Indeed, June 2nd will always be a special day in the legacy of South Caldwell athletics.

However, know that these softball players along with Coach Casey Justice and his assistants have very much raised the bar for all other varsity sports going into the new school year. There is absolutely nothing wrong with entering the Fall Sports season with the mentality that “if our softball team can do it, we football, volleyball, soccer, cross country, tennis, golf can pursue such a stratagem. Do so with the “heart of a Spartan”!

With this in mind, until the other varsity sports reach that title game or whatever means you extend your season (coaches are there to help with that!), it is the privilege of the Caldwell Journal to once again recognize the Lady Spartans Softball Team as the South Caldwell High School Team of the Year for 2018-2019 season. We also extend congratulations to Casey Justice on being selected again as the South Caldwell High School Coach of the Year. And an extra word of congratulations to the Class of 2019; may God our Heavenly Father carry you for all of your days and wherever you may go!

Just For Fun Projections:

World Series 2019 – Dodgers over Astros in 7. Dodgers pitching staff way too superior.

Football Bowl Series National Championship- Alabama over Clemson. We will see this seesaw until Jesus comes.

Super Bowl 54 – Patriots over Eagles. Until some other head coach can outsnooker Belichick, deal with it. I do wonder how much success Tom Brady would have if he played in the era of Jack Tatum, George Atkinson, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Turkey Jones, just wondering is all.

And finally, I pay personal tribute to Bryant Lilley from the Lenoir New Topic who recently became the Customer Engagement Manager for Zima Sports Gear. You wrote most excellent articles, columns etc. giving great coverage for the high schools in Caldwell County. you did so with much grace along with impeccable insight. You will be greatly missed and please, come see us in the Spartan Stadium press box when you’re able.

Here at the Caldwell Journal, we are very fortunate to have such a fine, upstanding and talented sports writer to share his writings with us and all…Thank You Dan O’Neal!