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Meet the Independent Authors including Granite Falls Author Dan Rundquist

Dan Rundquist

GRANITE FALLS, NC (March 9, 2018)…In fall 2017, notable and awarded author Mr. Joseph Carrabis at Northern Lights Books decided to embark a different kind of project for his author blog: to interview independent authors of many different writing genres. His list of interviewees is impressive and growing, including thriller Author Phillip Strang, Poet Laureate John F. McMullen, Karsten Bech Nielsen, David Knight, Donna Huston Murray, Paul John Adams, Sports and Life Author Keith Guernsey, and others.

With his recent release of his new polemic work, Tears for Byzantium, local Caldwell County author Dan Rundquist was also selected by Mr. Carrabis for an opportunity to discuss a broad series of questions about life and his current and upcoming work in genres he writes, American political philosophy and historical western fiction. The forty-minute interview was recorded in December and will be published on Mr. Carrabis’ blog on 28 March. All of Mr. Carrabis’ author interviews for March can be found here:

In his interview, Dan Rundquist discusses his work for the Caldwell Journal, how his westerns, The Legend of Striker’s Gold series were developed, why he wrote Tears for Byzantium and how his next projects are taking shape, and the underlying force behind them.

Here is a short excerpt from that interview:

Carrabis: “You mentioned the power of hope and passion…How do these appear in all your writings?”

Rundquist: “That’s a broad kind of a subject there, hope and passion. A lot of folks, I think, the tendency is that we just kind of have to bumble on our way through life. We don’t pay a whole lot of attention to our passion and our hope. We kind of get crammed into mediocrity at some level whether you’re talking about personal relationships, or professional relationships, family, what not. I think its paramount for folks to remember that paying attention to your passion and using that passion to do that which you do best is key to succeeding in life…when I talk about succeeding in life I mean fulfilling your full potential. That should be the aim that all humans yearn for. Succeeding and achieving your full potential in life, whatever that is. But you’ve got to figure out what that is that you need to do, and then try to do it…”

Be sure to catch the entire exclusive interview starting on the 28th of March!

The Legend of Striker’s Gold series is available on Amazon for Kindle.

Tears for Byzantium; The Entropic Course of American Exceptionalism is available in print at Leap of Faith Christian Bookstore in Lenoir, the digital version is available from the Caldwell Journal Bookshelf.

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