Looking for information about the author of a poem entitled “The Yanks versus the Japs”

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (March 15, 2017)…While visiting Yesteryears Antiques in Hudson we came across a poem that was written by A.M. Gibson.  Mr. Gibson dedicated this poem to his two sons in the service.  We are not sure when this was written and do not have any other information about it.  We were hoping that someone may know of A.M. Gibson and can give us some information about him.  Feel free to contact us at:  mark.jackson@caldwelljournal.com.  Thank You!

The Yanks versus the Japs

A detail of Marines, to Guadalcanal went
With blood in their eyes on battle bent,
They fought the Japs, on land on sea, and in the air,
The Japs were skunks; they wouldn’t fight fair.

The See Bees came along,
Bringing their tools and singing their song.
Bridges they built and roads they made,
Well, we’ll call them the Marines first aid.

The Japs came back to the Coral Sea,
But that was just a busking bee,
In the Soloman’s Area, oh, lend me your ear,
With sixty ships, they did appear
But when we were through, some got away,
They fled north to some far-off bay.
And if a tale they would tell
Was how they escaped a living hell.

Again, came the Japs to Bismarck Sea
Headed for a Port by the name of Lae,
But our fighters roared into the fray
And oh, how the Zeros dropped in the bay,
The Fortresses also came along
Laying their eggs with a merry song.
On Cruiser, On Destroyer and Transport as well,
Converting the sea into a fiery hell.

With furled flags, and arms in reverse
As the bugler sounded taps,
After the chaplain, had read his verse
We vowed we would get the Japs.
Farewell to these members of our band
Who willingly gave their all
We’re on our way to Tokyo land
Come on then Jack, and Joe, and Paul.

Tojo said in a house that’s white
The terms of peace he would make
But me thinks he figured we wouldn’t fight
And his army and navy the U.S. would take
But does he remember Wake Island, and Midway, too?
He lost ships, and Planes, and most of his crew
Or Pearl Harbor with the stab in the back
And the Philippines, they had to take the rap.
Then forward buddies all
You can hear the bugle call
We’re on our way to Tokyo.

Well, my scribbling is about o’er
When we get to Japan
Their flags we’ll lower
And their cities take o’er
Then the Japanese,
Will be the ones to get on their knees
On the land across the sea.

By A.M. Gibson
Dedicated to my two sons in the service

Copyright 2017 Caldwell Journal on behalf of A.M. Gibson and family. All rights reserved.

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