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I visited your sweet little town over the Memorial Day weekend

To the Granite Falls community:

I visited your sweet little town over the Memorial Day weekend. My son-in-law preaches at Anchor Church of God. On Sunday I attended services there and it was a very good message. This was not because he’s my son-in-law…Lol…

One of the missions of that church is to help the community for homeless, people with addictions, relationship problems, and other people who are feeling at their wit’s end. Currently it is a small church and would love to have anyone who God has laid on their heart to help. The pastor has worked hard to find resources for those who need a helping hand and has been able to help some already.

If you don’t have a church home or would like to support this ministry, please contact Pastor Rocket Barber. Being very picky about what is preached I believe you’ll be blessed and can be a blessing to others here. Also, if you know someone who needs a helping hand please send them over.

Thank you for a wonderful weekend in your town and God bless you all.

Gale Porras
Myrtle Beach, SC

Anchor Church Of God
158 Duke Street

Granite Falls, NC 28630