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Hickory Riverwalk construction gets underway

HICKORY, NC (January 15, 2020) — Construction of Hickory’s Riverwalk started on January 10, following the award of a contract to a contractor for the City-funded portion of the project.

During its January 7 meeting, Hickory City Council approved a construction contract with David E. Looper & Company in the amount of $5,889,133 for the City portion of the Riverwalk bond project.

The project originally came in over budget and City Council authorized negotiation of the contract with the apparent low bidder in December 2019.

With slight design modifications, the contract for the City portion of the Riverwalk was successfully negotiated to restore the project to within budget.  The revised design modifies the route with a slight reduction in length and elevates the path above the forest floor, which eliminates most retaining walls, significantly reduces required grading and storm drainage, and simplifies construction methods.


The contract with David E. Looper & Company for the Riverwalk City portion includes construction of approximately 2,500 linear feet of 10-foot-wide overland multiuse trail with elevated concrete decking supported on columns and metal handrails, approximately 200 linear feet of on-land multiuse trail at the intersection with Duke Energy’s transmission right of way, landscaping, and other amenities.

During his presentation at the January 7 Hickory City Council meeting, Public Services Director Kevin Greer, P.E. described the modified trail design as a “bridge through the woods” that maintains the original intent of the project and will provide an enhanced experience for park visitors.

Construction of the City portion of the Riverwalk is expected to be completed by August 2021.

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