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Grace Chapel Fire Department March BBQ Postponed

GRANITE FALLS, NC (March 12, 2020) — On behalf of the command staff and membership of the Grace Chapel Fire Department we send out this message to inform the community and our social media followers that the March 20/21, 2020 BBQ is being delayed.

This delay is due to the continued spread and outbreak of the Coronavirus in the US. Here in North Carolina at the time of this press release there are only 12 reported cases with only 1 being confirmed as of the information we received today in a briefing.

We feel that with the recommendations of avoiding large crowds and the elderly are at the most risk we do not want to risk any individuals health and well being for any reason.

This event, as we all know means a lot to the community and our long time supporters, yet we feel that our first and main priority to this community and others is their safety and well being so we will continue to monitor the situation and do everything in our power to reschedule this in April 2020.

If you would please we ask that if you will share this to aid us in getting this information out to as many as possible.

Thank You ,
Chief Bryan J Edwards