Grace Chapel Fire Department delivers puppy to one of their own

GRANITE FALLS, NC (August 23, 2020) — A dog is known as “man’s best friend.” They become part of the family and a loving addition to a home. Losing a pet that is a beloved family member can be very traumatic.

This was just the case for Bryan Edwards and Mandy Bates when they lost their dog to a devastating hit-and-run recently. To fill the void of the lost pet, Bryan and Mandy contacted the breeder, Coast Bound German Shorthaired Pointers in Iva, South Carolina to purchase another dog. A puppy was chosen and even paid for by Bryan and Mandy, but that’s where the story changes.

Bryan Edwards is the Fire Chief for the Grace Chapel Fire Department and is loved and respected by the many volunteers at the department. So, when they heard of the tragedy about Bryan’s dog, they took action. The firefighters contacted the breeder to purchase a dog as a surprise gift for Bryan and Mandy. It was originally going to take several weeks to receive a puppy but another family opted to give up the puppy that they chose from the breeder in order to make this special moment happen sooner…a beautiful and loving gesture on their part!

The next step was to get the puppy to them without their knowledge of the surprise.

Assistant Fire Chief John Taylor arrived first to give an unexpected introduction (a very heartfelt introduction we might add) to Bryan and Mandy that followed with a fanfare of fire trucks, lights, and sirens. The precious German Shorthaired Pointer named Mila Belle Edwards made her appearance in a special presentation by the breeder/owner of Coast Bound German Shorthaired Pointers Jennifer Bagwell to Bryan and Mandy. The breeder and firefighters, along with their families were there to show support to Bryan and Mandy in presenting the puppy to them…with many tears in their eyes including ours.

Congratulations on your new puppy and family member!

Many thanks to Assistant Fire Chief John Taylor along with the numerous volunteers of Grace Chapel Fire Department for letting us be a part of this special day for Bryan and Mandy and puppy Mila Belle Edwards.