Falls Avenue Bridge Update

GRANITE FALLS, NC (December 12, 2016)…We found out recently that there is some movement in regards to the Falls Avenue Bridge in Granite Falls. A NCDOT official told us that they are making progress on repair plans and should be meeting with contractors soon. As soon as this process is complete, an emergency contract to complete the work will likely be awarded in early 2017 with repairs beginning thereafter barring unexpected delays.

Also, last week a NCDOT crew from Geotechnical engineering in Raleigh was on the water gathering soil samples as an early step in the process of building a new bridge. Engineers will take results from soil samples to help determine the best possible type of base for a new bridge. The design and construction of a new bridge is several years away, but a decision has been made to proceed with the goal of building a new bridge over Old Millpond on Falls Avenue.