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Dangerous Dog Hearing May 23rd

LENOIR, NC (May 16, 2018)…Caldwell County Animal Control will hold a routine dangerous dog hearing May 23, 2018 at 5:30PM.  The hearing will be located at Caldwell County Health and Human Services in the 3rd floor Tammy Austin Conference Room.  For more information, please contact Caldwell County Animal Control at (828) 757- 8625.

Update (May 20, 2018):
Here is what the hearing is about: On Monday May 7, 2018, CCAC responded to a complaint in the Gamewell Community of Lenoir. After further investigation, CCAC found the dog owner in violation of Article 1A. Dangerous Dogs. § 67-4.1. (2) b. The report allegedly included 2 boxers that mauled and killed a Chihuahua. The two parties involved could not come to an understanding, and the owner of the Chihuahua requested a Dangerous Dog Hearing.
Dangerous Dogs. § 67-4.1. (2) “Potentially dangerous dog” means a dog that the person or Board designated by the county or municipal authority responsible for animal control determines to have: b. Killed or inflicted severe injury upon a domestic animal when not on the owner’s real property; The Dangerous Dog Hearing will be May 23, 2018 at 6:00pm. It will be held in The Tammy Austin Conference Room, 3rd floor at the Caldwell County Human Services Building and it is open to the public.