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Caldwell County Schools Ministerial council convenes

LENOIR, NC (January 10, 2019) — At the inaugural meeting of the Caldwell County Schools Ministerial Council, more than 40 ministers representing different denominations and beliefs gathered at the Education Center by invitation from Superintendent Dr. Donald Phipps to explore further partnering opportunities among the faith-based community.

Larry L. Smith, Westend Mennonite Brethren, attends the inaugural meeting of the Caldwell County Schools Ministerial Council.

“As the work of public schools has changed over the years, our reliance on service providers within the community has become critical,” said Phipps. “Whether the task to be accomplished is large or small, each effort leads to the success of our system and our larger community. I believe that we must leverage resources and work together to reach our potential and address the many needs that exist.”

Presently, ministers and church congregations throughout the county are involved in programs that support students’ needs and welfare, such as the backpack program, the district wide crisis management plan and the school district’s partnership program.

Phipps would like to expand those opportunities through the Ministerial Council. The Council plans to meet several times this school year in an effort to keep the faith-based community engaged and informed on educational matters, to gather input from the religious leaders in the county, and to strengthen existing partnerships between schools and their communities. Future plans with the Ministerial Council involve developing a Character Education program.

For ministers who would like to be involved, contact The next Ministerial Council meeting is scheduled for Feb. 21, 8:30 am at the Education Center in the Board Room. All ministers are invited to attend.