Book Signing for “Aria” at Cornerstone Nov. 18 with Local Author Penny Lea

BOONE, NC (November 13, 2017)…Local author Penny Lea Muller, who has traveled the country for decades now ministering to hurting people, will host a book signing for her latest title, “Aria,” at Cornerstone Bookstore in Boone from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 18.

“Aria” is the latest fruit of her obedience to God’s mission in her life through Penny Lea Ministries, giving a glimpse into her heart for pro-life ministry, the heartache that abortion causes in families everywhere, the forgiving spirit of Jesus and the healing promises of Heaven.

“God supernaturally called me to be a voice for the unborn on June 7, 1982 as I walked through a small church cemetery just outside of Nashville,” she said. “He allowed me to hear the screams of countless children that I would later come to know as ‘the broken ones.’ That day changed my destiny.”

Since that day, Muller has committed her life to waking a sleeping nation from its tragic choices and to sharing God’s redemptive promises with the mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, relatives, loved ones, friends and all people affected by abortion’s ripple of darkness.

“In early 2016, God used my friend, Sid Roth, to inspire me to seek God about writing a book that would stop a couple from choosing abortion, and also to bring healing to those who carry the guild and regret of this tragic choice,” said Muller. “I spent much time alone with the Lord, and one day I sat down and started writing ‘Aria.’ It was totally God. It was released in February of this year, and I truly believe this little book was totally God-breathed into my spirit. It seemed as though the Lord has opened the veil between Heaven and earth and allowed me to see a glimpse of His glorious kingdom.”

“Aria” is available at Cornerstone Bookstore or online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Get your copy to read the message that God is sending us through Muller’s voice. Books are available for just $10. Consider donating the cost of a book to help bring healing through Christ to someone in need.

“The book also deals with the pain of miscarriage, a subject too often ignored. We who have lost children will see them in God’s garden,” she said. “For anyone who has lost a loved one, this will ring much joy and comfort. Heaven is an amazingly beautiful place. It’s promised to those who love Jesus.”

Stop by Cornerstone Books on Nov. 18 to meet the author and pick up a copy for you or someone who needs its healing message.

Cornerstone Books is located at 1894 Blowing Rock Road in Boone, NC, 28607.

Author Bio from Penny Lea

“June 7, 1982 is a day that will be forever engraved in my heart. While walking through a little church cemetery just outside of Nashville, TN, I heard the cries of children. Those cries surrounded me. I fell to my knees and cried out to God, “Where are these tortured children?” I ran from that place, but I couldn’t escape the screams. Weeks later, through a supernatural chain of events, God spoke to me. I had found the children. They were not in a distant land; they were here in the USA. They were the broken ones. They were millions of aborted children.

“I have traveled relentlessly throughout the USA and Canada as a voice for the voiceless. I was a guest at the Reagan White House, and I shared the platform in Ottawa, Canada with Mother Teresa. Thirty-two thousand people stood in the pouring rain as we spoke. It was as though heaven was weeping.

“After thirty-four years of travel, it is now time to write my heartbreaking stories. My hope is to awaken those who continue to sleep through a war on children, to offer help and healing to the mothers and families who live in pain and regret, and to introduce the way to our redeemer who died in our place that we would one day see that beautiful city.

“My first book is titled, Aria. It’s a novella that I pray will touch the hearts of all who read it. It was written as fiction, but it’s reality. I wept as I wrote that little book, and I believe it is God’s cry to America. Thank you for visiting my page.” — Penny Lea

Press Release and graphics provided by Jessica Isaacs On Behalf of Penny Lea Ministries