Daniel B. Rundquist is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has lived in Caldwell County since 2001. He began his career working for U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs before entering the grocery business in 1993. Dan also owns his own publishing company, New Plymouth Press, LLC. He is an avid writer, the author of three books and publisher for a fourth. You can follow his work on Facebook and Linkedin. Dan's profile picture courtesy of Cheryl Travis.

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August, 2017
  • A Father’s Advice

    SPECIAL TO THE CALDWELL JOURNAL (By Dan B. Rundquist)…This month I have the new experience of sendin ...

  • The Cross and the Crown

    SPECIAL TO THE CALDWELL JOURNAL (By Daniel B. Rundquist)…There continues to be endless debate in Ame ...

July, 2017June, 2017
  • Decoding Joara

    Special to the Caldwell Journal by Daniel B. Rundquist…It never takes long for folks to figure out t ...

May, 2017
  • The Truth About Change

    Special to the Caldwell Journal (by Daniel B. Rundquist)…In 21st century America, we are constantly ...

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