Assistance for Farmland Damages from Excessive Rain and Flooding Sign-up Begins October 9, 2019

MORGANTON, NC (October 3, 2019) — As a result of damages to farmland caused by excessive rain and flooding in June 2019, Burke, and Caldwell County farmers and agricultural producers are eligible for assistance through USDA’s Emergency Conservation Program (ECP).  ECP is established to rehabilitate farmlands severely harmed by the effects of natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding or drought.

Eligible land under ECP includes land normally used for farming or ranching operations, land used for producing agricultural commodities, land where conservation structures are installed, and land privately owned on which commercial aquaculture facilities are located.

A producer qualifying for ECP assistance may receive cost-share levels not to exceed 75 percent of the eligible cost of restoration measures. The following types of measures may be eligible:

                *  EC1 – Removing debris from farmland

                *  EC2 – Grading, shaping, re-leveling or similar measures

                *  EC3 – Livestock Fence Restoration          

The objective of each practice is to return the land to agricultural use by providing cost-share assistance.  Producers who have suffered a loss from flooding should apply at the Burke-McDowell-Caldwell FSA Office beginning October 9, 2019 through December 9, 2019.

To be eligible for cost shares, practices shall not be started until a request has first been filed at the FSA Office.  Minimum damages must be at least $1000.

An FSA representative will perform an onsite inspection of all damages prior to approval.  FSA office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

For questions please contact the Burke-McDowell-Caldwell FSA office at 130 Ammons Drive, Suite 1, Morganton, NC 28655; 828-439-9727 ext. 2.

Press Release courtesy of:
Kimberly F. Rumfelt, CED
Burke-McDowell-Caldwell FSA