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Asphalt recycler will save time and money

LENOIR, NC (May 30, 2018)…Did you know you can recycle asphalt? Yep. And now the City can, too, thanks to a new piece of equipment.

The Public Works Department recently purchased an asphalt recycler and hotbox from Falcon Industries. The equipment can reheat asphalt, which can be used in small-scale paving and repair operations.

Gary Leonhardt, left, and Robert Smith with Lenoir Public Works repair a small patch of asphalt using a new piece of equipment that can heat reclaimed and unused asphalt.

“Having this equipment will allow us to repair asphalt during cold months when asphalt plants are closed and will reduce costs by allowing us to use asphalt recycled from previous material purchases or reclaimed during other operations,” Public Works Director Jared Wright said.

Asphalt can be reclaimed through milling or excavation and then recycled, or workers can reheat and reuse leftover hot mix asphalt. The reclaimed asphalt is placed in the hopper, mixed with tack, and heated. Once the mix reaches the right temperature, workers can use the asphalt to fill potholes, utility cuts, or other small areas.

The equipment could save the City around $25,000 and 180 man hours per year depending on how many patches and repairs Public Works has to make.