Alert From The Caldwell Senior Center Regarding Telephone Scam

LENOIR, NC (January 8, 2020) — We want to alert you to a telephone scam going on in our community.

Several people have called us asking if we are conducting a telephone survey.  These people have been contacted by someone claiming to be with “the senior center”.  The information that shows up on their caller ID says “senior center” but is not the Caldwell Senior Center’s phone number.

The Caldwell Senior Center will NOT call you to conduct surveys.

The Caldwell Senior Center will also NEVER ask for Medicare information over the phone.

Incoming calls from us will say “senior center,” and will be one of the following numbers – 758-2883, 758-2566 or 757-8635.

The bottom line is:  NEVER give out personal information over the phone such as your social security number, birth date or Medicare number.  If you question whether it is actually the senior center calling, hang up and call our number.  If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 758-2883.

Caldwell Senior Center is a United Way participating agency.

Senior Community Partners,

650A Pennton Ave SW, Lenoir (828) 758-2883