Top 10 reasons to advertise frequently

1. People may not need your product or service today but they may need it tomorrow.
When you advertise on a regular basis, your ad message has a better chance of being seen when the consumer is ready to buy. Most consumers who buy a product or service make the decision to buy it on the very same day they see it. Advertising regularly definitely reaps better rewards.

2. Frequency builds trust.
Consumers are always more comfortable buying from a trusted source. Since trust can only be built with time, the best way to get it is by raising awareness. Every time a business advertises, it builds consumer awareness. Advertising always gets the best results over time.

3. Frequent advertising adds credibility to your message.
Subconsciously, consumers judge that a business is doing well when it advertises. And if a business is doing well, it gives better services and offers better products. The perception that you can afford advertising is often enough to sell and resell prospects and customers alike, and it makes it easier to get attention for your entire message.

4. When an ad is seen once, it piques the interest of the consumer; when it is seen twice, it gets the consumer thinking about their need for your product. When an ad is seen three times, the consumer may ask a friend if they’ve heard about it or tried it; if it is seen four times, the consumer starts to think that the product or service may have value. When an ad is seen frequently, it gets the consumer yearning for your service and they will start taking action to buy it.
Advertising often conveys the message that your product or service can be trusted and that it will answer the consumer’s need or want when the time comes for them to buy. Advertise often, and the ad will help close the deal.

5. Advertising frequently helps put your name out in front of the competition.
The most effective way to beat the competition is to advertise more often than they do. When a customer is ready to buy they will always think of you first if you are the brand they see most often.

6. Frequency is the best way to get lower advertising rates.
Advertise more often and your newspaper will significantly reduce the cost per ad. It’s like anything else; the more units you purchase, the less it costs per unit. Media professionals preach frequent advertising simply because they know it works best.

7. Advertising frequently is much like repeatedly inviting a friend to come see you. One day they are bound to visit!
Little children know the power of frequency. When they want something, such as a new toy, or when they want you to take them to the zoo or to buy a new bicycle, what do they do? They don’t ask for it once, twice or three times, right? They repeat their request until you finally give in.
A lot of thought goes into making a service or product valuable for your customers. All your efforts mean nothing if no one comes in the door.

8. Frequent advertising helps you get a steady source of incoming sales.
To minimize seasonal lows, advertise on a regular basis with a call-to-action message to get consumers to your storefront.

9. Out of sight out of mind
Our brains are constantly recording information from a variety of sources but only on a temporary basis. If the information isn’t necessary, and if it doesn’t come up again, our brains discard it. In a 24-hour time span, if a consumer only sees a message once, they will forget up to 80 per cent of it. Within a week, they will remember even less, and by the end of the month–if we’re lucky–they will remember about 2 per cent of what they saw.

10. You make more money when you do! Plain and simple!