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Abington Road bridge in Lenoir repaired and now open

LENOIR, NC (March 27, 2018)…N.C. Department of Transportation officials re-opened a two-lane bridge on Abington Road in Lenoir after making emergency repairs over the last week.

A routine inspection on March 20 revealed irregular bowing in the beams, which weakened the overall integrity of the bridge, causing transportation officials to immediately close the structure.

Crews from Division 11 Bridge Maintenance installed new wooden supports at the center of the beams, which will extend the life of the bridge at least 3-5 years. The bridge, which carried an average of 4,600 cars per day in 2015, is on a list to be replaced in the next two years.

The Abington Road bridge was built in 1972 with wood support columns, steel beams, a steel floor and an asphalt top. The repairs raised the weight limits on the bridge to 24 tons for passenger vehicles and 32 tons for trucks.

All 18,000 bridges that NCDOT maintains are inspected at least every other year.