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2019 will bring numerous road projects to Caldwell County

CALDWELL COUNTY, NC (January 11, 2019) – According to the NCDOT, there are to be numerous road projects here in Caldwell County this year.

The most visible of these projects are going to be on U.S. 321 at Mission Road, Pine Mountain Road and Mount Herman Road all of which will become “superstreet” intersections.

As soon as we hear approximate start times for these projects, we will pass them along.

Mission Road & U.S. 321 Intersection 01-08-2019
Mission Road Superstreet Intersection Plan
Pine Mountain Road & U.S. 321 Intersection 01-08-2019
Pine Mountain Road Superstreet Intersection Plan
Mt. Herman Road & U.S. 321 Intersection 01-08-2019
Mt. Herman Road Superstreet Intersection Plan

Definition of a Superstreet

When two roads cross each other, you get an interchange. In a “typical” red light/green light intersection, you can turn right, left, or go straight from any direction.

The superstreet concept is an alternative to this type of intersection.

In a superstreet scenario, roads joining the “superstreet” can only turn right onto it. To turn left and travel in the other direction, drivers must first turn right and then make a U-turn.

Granite Falls “5 Points” intersection on Dudley Shoals Road

Another project will take place at “5 Points” in Dudley Shoals which is at the 5-way intersection of Dudley Shoals Road, Grace Chapel Road, Campground Road and Peach Orchard Road. A roundabout will be constructed.

Road Resurfacing throughout Caldwell County

Resurfacing with Asphalt Surface Treatment and Pavement Markings on Various Primary and Secondary Routes Caldwell County. To take place from April 1, 2019 through October 15, 2019 with day and time restrictions of Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. Click here for the plans that also include maps.

Currently, there are two road projects underway, one in Lenoir and the other in Granite Falls.

Lenoir — Intersection of US64/NC90/NC18 (Wilkesboro Blvd) and US64/NC90 (Taylorsville Rd)
This project included a roundabout that has already been constructed.
TIP Number: R-5745
Contract Amount: $3,498,143.72
Work Began: 09/28/2017
Scheduled Progress: 50%
Actual Progress: 34.25%

Granite Falls — Realignment of intersection of SR 1106 (Duke St) and us 321A (S Main St)
There will be a roundabout constructed as a part of this project.
TIP Number: U-5776
Contract Amount: $3,387,088.79
Work Began: 09/17/2018
Scheduled Progress: 10%
Actual Progress: 4.53%

Duke Street Project 01-08-2019 01
Duke Street Project Plans

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